Baby christening gowns for newborn baby boys and baby girls. Made in Spain.

Newborn baby girl Spanish christening clothes - Baby girl knitted bolero by Rochy
Newborn Baby Girl Bolero - Rochy

38.35   19.17 (Including tax)

Spanish baby girl christening gown and bonnet, baptism outfit Rochy
Baby Christening Gown & Bonnet - Rochy

89.60   44.80 (Including tax)

Traditional Spanish cardigan for baby girls from the designer brand Rochy
Baby Camel Cardigan - Rochy

37.40   17.70 (Including tax)

Gorgeous classical Spanish christening gown and bonnet for a newborn girl. Features beautiful lace, bows and hand embroidering
Newborn Baptism Gown & Bonnet - Rochy

95.75   47.87 (Including tax)

newborn christening shirt
Newborn Christening Shirt - Rochy

39.70   19.85 (Including tax)

Traditional Spanish unisex ivory knitted cardigan for babies from the designer brand Rochy
Baby Ivory Cardigan - Rochy

35.60   17.80 (Including tax)

Spanish newborn baby boy baptism outfit from the designer brand Rochy
Baby Boy Christening Outfit - Rochy

73.45 (Including tax)

Newborn baby boy baptism clothes, boys christening outfit from the Spanish brand Rochy
Baby Boy Baptism Outfit - Rochy

57.60   28.80 (Including tax)

Traditional Spanish button-down cardigan for baby boys from the designer brand Rochy.
Newborn Baby Camel Jacket - Rochy

34.20   22.23 (Including tax)

Unique baby girl gift - handmade personalized baby girl keepsake set and moms journal
Personalized Baby Girl Vintage Style Keeps...

65.00 (Including tax)