Baby Toys

For the best choice of baby toys, shop Kids&Chic.com. Soft and cuddle toys, musical toys and activity spirals will quickly become your baby's best friends. The newborn baby toys will make great gifts for babies or baby showers. 

We deliver worldwide from Barcelona, Spain. Also, i
f you are planning to come to sunny Barcelona or surroundings to spend your vacations, you can order items from our online kids' boutique and we will gladly deliver them to your hotel free of charge. Contact us at info@kidsandchic.com to arrange the details.

haba wooden toy dangling figure max
Dangling Figure Max - Haba

15.60   4.68 (Including tax)

first baby toys wooden rattle Jungle Haba
Jungle Caboodle Rattle - Haba

13.40   4.02 (Including tax)

baby wooden rattle fiorella haba
Fiorella Rattle - Haba

15.00   4.50 (Including tax)

First soft activity book for babies and toddlers from Kimono collection by Tuc Tuc
Baby Activity Soft Book - Tuc Tuc Kimono

21.30   6.39 (Including tax)

baby red dou dou Tuc Tuc Life In The Air
Baby Girl Dou Dou - Tuc Tuc Life In The Air

18.94   5.68 (Including tax)

soft baby rattle toy beetle kai haba
Beetle Kai Clutching Toy - Haba

9.95   2.99 (Including tax)

baby clutching toy beetle karo haba
Beetle Karo Clutching Toy - Haba

9.95   2.99 (Including tax)

first baby book
Fabric Book Magic Leaf - Haba

22.60   6.78 (Including tax)

pull toys for toddlers and little children magic forest friends haba
Magic Forest Friends Pull Toy - Haba

37.20   11.16 (Including tax)

soft playbook for babies and toddlers Magic forest friends Haba
Soft Magic Forest Friends Playbook - Haba

34.00   10.20 (Including tax)

wooden toys pulling train haba
Terry Pulling Train - Haba

51.30   15.39 (Including tax)

haba goblin truck and blocks set
Goblin Truck – Haba

33.40   10.02 (Including tax)

bath book squirting bathing dragon haba
Bath book with squirting dragon Bodo - Haba

16.90   5.07 (Including tax)




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